Hey, Online Tutors

In 30 Days

Even though

you have 0 knowledge in Marketing

or Not good in technical stuff

No need to rely on platform

No more unstable income

No need keep on teaching


  • Don't know how to build your profile to attract high quality students

  • Don't know how to price your course

  • Don't know the marketing knowledge & mindset to get students consistently each month


  • Build your profile to attract high quality students

  • Set the optimum price and irresistible offer

  • Have the right marketing knowledge & mindset to get students consistently each month

Who is Suitable For This?

If you're a online tutor 👩‍🏫


✅Do not want to rely on platform

✅You want to get your own students

✅You want to build personal brand

✅Build Auto Course Selling Machine

Keep 100% of Your Income Yours!

How COSEMA Can Help?

We are the first marketing course focuses to help online tutors to get more students online


Build Your Instagram Profile

No need to shoot video every day.

Attract high-quality customers; say goodbye to inaccurate target audiences.

No more disappearing after asking for a price.


Make Your Own Website

Website is no longer a difficult thing

If you know how to make PowerPoint slides, then you can make

your own website

No coding, just drag and drop!


Pricing Strategies

No more charging low prices and work for more

You can earn more by teaching the same thing

Just different strategy apply!


A.I. Integrated

Use AI for almost everything from brainstorming to contents

Use AI as a Customer Service to reply your customer instantly!

Build An Automated Course Selling Machine

1. Build Your Profile

Having a strong personal branding

2. Create A Course

Create an irresistible offer

3. Automate The Process

Get students automatically

What Could You Expect In This Free Masterclass?

  • How to build your personal branding

  • How to get students consistently online

  • How to build your own course selling machine

  • Proven Framework to get first 10k USD

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the course?

The course pricing and details will be provided during the free masterclass. We hope this allows you to understand better our teaching methods before making a purchase decision.

If you join the masterclass, you will receive a special offer!

What's so special about the COSEMA course?

1. Focus on Online Tutors

2. Proven Course Structure based on Real Experience

3. Practical and hands-on (not just theoretical)

If I Have 0 Knowledge in Marketing/ Business, Can I Join?

Yes, definitely! Our course will teach from 0 to advanced level

Am I Suitable For This Course?

Currently if you're a online tutor who is teaching under a platform and institute

1. You want to get your own students

2. You want to build your personal brand

3. You want to build auto course selling machine

This training is for you!

Is the Masterclass Conducted in a group or 1-to-1?

The masterclass is conducted in a group

Do I Need to Turn On Camera or Mic during Masterclass?

It's totally optional!

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